Addicted ? Its not you… It’s the world stupid.

“So what’s this” you may be thinking.

An easy get out to push the cause of your addiction onto someone else ?

And the answer to that is no.

I’m sick of hearing the current ideas on addiction which seem to be split between “it’s all your fault for being weak, sort yourself out” and “it’s not your fault, addiction is a disease”.

Well how about this:

It’s not your fault, you are simply having a reasonable response to living in a fucked up society/world.

It’s the big planet sized elephant in the fuckin room and almost everyone is choosing to ignore it.

The world is totally fucked.

A lot of us feel it.

And we decide to get off our faces by our chosen methods to avoid having to deal with it.

Which I believe is a reasonable response.

So lets back track a little.

To when you were born.

Not sure how life went for you when you were in the womb but I’m guessin your mother prob had a fair amount of stress chemicals pumping around her blood stream due to her living on this crazy planet so you were prob already gettin an initiation into feeling anxious before you even saw the light of day.

Maybe not if your mother had mastered the art of staying chilled on a crazy planet but not many people have.

So then out you popped, opened your eyes and everything was amazing!

Creation, colours, sounds, tastes, feelings, the blissful experience of being alive.

Combined with some screaming when you were hungry, sick, or needed your nappy changing!

I cant remember what it was like now but it’s easy to see it in newborns eyes, the fascination with simple things, existing and experiencing is enough.

So how did you get from there to here ?

What happened my friend?

Did you fall?

Or were you pushed.

Years ago you would have probably grown up in a tribal environment, surrounded by a community.

It’s likely that life would have been much simpler, living close to the land, hunting, fishing, growing crops, living in harmony with the seasons, falling in love, feeling life, feeling nature, experiencing the raw feeling of being alive, being part of everything, connected to and contributing to the whole, existence.

You prob would have lived in a home your parents built with help from their community.

No banks, mortgages or bills.

Just wood, stone, sunlight and real fires.

Anyway, you get the idea.

And no it wasn’t perfect, nothing ever is.

But you were connected.

To the world.

To your community.

To nature.

To yourself.

Compare that to now.

What are you truly connected to ?


TV ?

A football club?

A political party?

Shopping websites?

Or did you simply say “fuck it all” and get connected to crack, smack, alcohol, cocaine or any of the other wonderful escape mechanisms ?

And don’t think for one minute I disapprove, I don’t.

Did it all myself.

I think its a perfectly reasonable response to the state of the world.

With one drawback:

Happy endings are very rare.

Let us digress for a moment and talk about rats, a rat experiment.

And no, I don’t agree with experimenting on rats, I think it would be far better to use parasitic evil members of the worlds banking elite.

I would do it myself.

Anyway back to our rats.

You may have heard about the rat addiction experiments that were carried out a few years ago, if you didn’t, basically they rigged up an experiment that showed that a rat would choose drugs over food.

Drugging itself away happily while it slowly starved to death.

Only problem with the experiment was that it was bullshit.

They put the poor fuckin rat in a man made environment, in a cage by itself, separated from its friends, separated from its community and under stress.

And then gave it a choice of food or drugs.

Well I’m not sure exactly how rats think but I’m guessing it was really unhappy and lonely so it’s a fucking no brainer it chose drugs!  That was a reasonable decision considering the emotional pain and fear it was experiencing!

Poor fuckin rat didn’t know the drugs were going to kill it, it just knew they stopped it from feeling like shit!

So it carried on eating the drugs until it died, alone, in a cage.

So well done scientists, pretty groundbreaking amazing work you did there!

Anyway, a few years later, in a very un-reported experiment, another scientist repeated the study, but slightly differently.

This time they built a really cool big cage with natural rat type living quarters with loads of fun rat things to do kind of stuff etc.

And put loads of rats in there, and the rats were all happy playing with their friends and having fun.

And then they gave them the choice, food or drugs.

And the results were different.

They all chose food.

So the scientists took one rat out of the cage and put it in a little cage by itself, all alone again and gave it the choice of food or drugs.

And it chose drugs, and it kept choosing drugs until it was an addict, and very sick, and here’s where it get’s really interesting because then they took that poor lonely, addicted rat out of his little cage and put it back in with his friends.

And now it had the choice to get  it’s fix or eat food, and guess what….it chose food.

So let’s have a little think about what that could imply?

Was there something wrong with the rat that caused it to choose drugs when it was alone in the little cage?

Was it weak?

Did it have a disease or genetic predisposition?

Or was it simply pissed off because his environment was fucking horrible?

I know what I think.

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